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SAP EWM is a segment of SAP Supply Chain Management like Warehouse Management System, yet it gives more vigorous and advanced features to control key exercises in a warehouse.

SAP Warehouse Management is inverse to Inventory management. Stock administration tells the count of merchandise the storage location and its physical location is unknown. Warehouse management manages products development and observing the physical location of the merchandise recorded with particular documents.

With the help of SAP EWM, every one of the items improvement are controlled by a warehouse management system and gives you the tools to monitor warehouse activities. You can likewise deal with extra capacities in the Warehouse like making a serial number, batch number, merchant management inventory, resource optimization and value-added services. SAP Extended Warehouse Management System enables you to not just monitor the amount of merchandise in Warehouse but to oversee other critical functions and delivery of products productively.

SAP EWM ─ Key Features

The accompanying is the key features in SAP EWM:

• Using SAP EWM, you can control the warehouse exercises like posting, picking, and managing storage bin and product receipts.
• You can set alert for changed data before good receipt from EWM to the ERP structure, reversal or correction of products receipt from EWM to the ERP framework and an inbound conveyance split from EWM to the ERP framework.
• You can perform deconsolidation of dealing with units which contain assorted items previously putting them away in different storage areas.
• You can decide storage concepts utilizing slotting for items and optimize an arrangement of merchandise warehouse automatically.
• It enables you to perform executable errands like work packages, comprising of warehouse tasks warehouse representatives ought to execute as a major aspect of warehouse management activities.
• It enables you to oversee and track vehicles and other transportation units from the yard check-into yard check-out, including developments and different assignments inside the yard.
• SAP EWM likewise incorporates storage and handling of hazardous substances and their transportation as per the directions from SAP Environmental Health and Safety (SAP EHS).
• In SAP EWM, you can likewise plan labor times and assets all the more adequately and thus you can make your Warehouse proficient by overseeing key resource management tasks viably.
• In SAP EWM, you can utilize Warehouse cockpit that enables you to display warehouse key figures graphically and to assess or monitor activities utilizing defined chart types.
• You can utilize cross-docking that enables you to perform transportation of handling units crosswise over various distribution centers or warehouse till they achieve final location in the Warehouse.

SAP EWM - Warehouse Process Types

A Warehouse procedure type is utilized to define the activity or development of each procedure in a warehouse. It manages each warehouse process like a good receipt, good issue, packing and is assigned to each warehouse task document.


For simple movements, warehouse process type defines the storage type and bin for the development of products. Warehouse process type is defined at the point of formation of the warehouse document or in particular step.
All warehouse process sorts are additionally gathered into warehouse process classifications. Warehouse process classifications are utilized to define the goods movement in a warehouse.

SAP EWMS - Warehouse Process Type

There are distinctive warehouse process classes that are predefined in the EWM system:

• Stock Removal
• Putaway
• Internal Movement
• Goods receipt posting
• Goods issue posting
• Physical inventory
• Cross Line putaway


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